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Tarot Courses

Private sessions Available

Using the Ryder Waite-Smith style Tarot decks, the course provides students with a thorough foundation in the basics of Tarot cards and their use.

One of the aims of the course is to have students develop to the point where they can conduct meaningful readings and to become a professional reader.

This course also includes Psychic development.

The course includes:

  • A brief history of the Tarot
  • Meanings of card symbolism and esoteric associations
  • Card interpretation and connections
  • Practice in reading and interpreting spreads
  • Student and client readings
  • Discussion of ethical standards
  • Detailed accompanying notes
  • A Certificate of Completion

These are active classes that encourage lots of student participation and co-operation in the learning process. Course also include readings both for students and clients.

Classes run for a 10 week period, everything is provided for except the Ryder Waite Tarot Deck that the student will need to provide.

Next beginners course commences:


Commences 19th, February Tuesday evening 7.30pm – 9.30pm – weekly


Commences 23rd February, Saturday morning 10.30am – 12.30pm weekly

10 week course – $40 per class

Structure of Course

10 week course

  • Introduction to Tarot
  • Tarot ethics,
  • The Four Suites
  • Minor Arcana – Ace’s and the Two’s
  • Practice connecting cards together

  • Minor Arcana – The Three’s and Four’s
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Psychic Development – Jewellery psychometry

  • Minor Arcana – The Five’s and Six’s
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Psychic Development – Photo psychometry

  • Minor Arcana – The Seven’s and Eight’s
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Psychic Development – Flower readings

  • Minor Arcana – The Nine’s and Ten’s
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Psychic Development – Aura’s

  • The Court Cards – Pages and Knights
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Celtic Cross Spread
  • Practice readings
  • Psychic Development – Folded paper psychometry

  • Client readings
  • The Court Cards – Queens’s and King’s
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Practice readings

  • Major Arcana –The Fools to the Lovers
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Practice readings

  • Major Arcana –The Chariot to the Death
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Practice readings

  • Major Arcana –Temperance to the World
  • Practice connecting cards together
  • Practice readings
  • Client readings

At the end of the course a Certificate of Completion will be given.

Classes are run fortnightly at a cost of $40 per class.


Private sessions are now available to help you start your journey on learning Tarot or just refreshing your skills.

  • 10 week course or
  • Private sessions

Each private session costs $100.00.

Mediumship Readings:

Mediumship is a specialised area but more commonly known as connecting with loved ones who have passed away. Often messages from your dearly loved and departed do come through for those wishing to connect and receive comfort and healing.

The reading can be an incredibly healing experience for you, especially if you have lost someone very close to you and you are struggling to move forward in your life.

I hope that you have an enjoyable experience, one that will help you find peace within your heart knowing that your loved ones are safe and happy in the Afterlife.

Readings are $70